The "new generation origami surprise" card

has a new feature compared to traditional greeting cards.
On the right side of the product there is a small pocket where you can insert

notes, money, voucher and small surprises!




RF Distribution was born from an idea of ​​its owner Rossano Fontanella who has been dealing with distribution in large-scale distribution,
GDS, traditional retail for over 20 years, collaborating with companies of primary importance at national and European level.
In 2012 the phenomenon of 3D printing explodes in Italy and Europe, RF organizes a production in China with the best company present
in the Asian continent for these products and strings according to licensing with companies in Italy and Europe to develop branded products,
with brands such as Disney,Worner,Lupin etc… The result is immediate, the products made by RF Distribution are present in all Italian and foreign retail outlets and generate very strong sales
as they are exclusively branded products. RF is the sole distributor and manufacturer of this market segment for the Italian market. Unlike other competitors in the sector, RF Distribution stands out for its chameleonic ability to always look for new and high-impact products,
making agreements to create exclusive products, always looking for innovative products, in 2015 RF Distribution organizes its own
production in Vietnam, to develop origami tickets on an industrial scale, the success of this product is immediate. the product generates a very
strong sell out, consolidating RF as the main supplier for this range of products.

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